Unit tests

In ZoKrates, unit tests comprise of

  • internal tests for all zokrates crates
  • compilation tests for all examples in zokrates_cli/examples. These tests only ensure that the examples compile.
  • compilation + witness-computation tests. These tests compile the test cases, compute a witness and compare the result with a pre-defined expected result. Such test cases exist for
    • The zokrates_core crate in zokrates_core_test/tests
    • The zokrates_stdlib crate in zokrates_stdlib/tests

Unit tests can be executed with the following command:

cargo test --release

Integration tests

Integration tests are excluded from cargo test by default. They are defined in the zokrates_cli crate in integration.rs and use the test cases specified in zokrates_cli/tests/code.

Integration tests can then be run with the following command:

cargo test --release -- --ignored

If you want to run unit and integrations tests together, run the following command:

cargo test --release & cargo test --release -- --ignored