You can get JavaScript bindings for ZoKrates by running

npm install zokrates-js


Function Description
initialize Loads binding wasm module and returns a promise with ZoKrates provider
compile Compiles source code into ZoKrates internal representation of arithmetic circuits
computeWitness Computes a valid assignment of the variables, which include the results of the computation
setup Generates a trusted setup for the compiled program
exportSolidityVerifier Generates a Solidity contract which contains the generated verification key and a public function to verify a solution to the compiled program
generateProof Generates a proof for a computation of the compiled program


import { initialize } from 'zokrates-js';

function importResolver(location, path) {
  // implement your resolving logic here
  return { 
    source: "def main() -> (): return", 
    location: path 

initialize().then((zokratesProvider) => {
    // we have to initialize the wasm module before calling api functions
    zokratesProvider.compile("def main(private field a) -> (field): return a", "main", importResolver)